Til Norge

Til Norge poster designed by Damsleth, Harald (1906-1971)


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Designer: Damsleth, Harald (1906-1971)
Decade: 1930
Dimensions:98,5 x 62 cm
Grade: B
Printed in: Norway
Publisher:Larvik-Frederikshavn Linjen
Printed by:AS Copia, Oslo
Category: Ocean Liner

Wow! A beauty! This is a very rare Norwegian ocean liner poster promoting Larvik-Frederikshavn Linjen. The ship Peter Wessel is a beloved ship well known for its journeys across The Skagerrak. The Skagerrak contains some of the busiest shipping routes in the world, with vessels from every corner of the globe.

Peter Wessel was built as a motor ferry by Aalborg Værft, Aalborg for Norsk-Dansk Turistaksjeselskap (A/S Larvik-Fredrikshavnferjen), Larvik. The route was officially opened on her maiden trip crossing Skagerak 5th.of July 1937.

This poster is very rare. Have never seen it for sale before. The poster is not signed but an advert in a magazine has the same rendering and is signed d.

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