Oslo Vintersportens Eldorado - Skjennungstua

Sold Oslo Vintersportens Eldorado - Skjennungstua poster


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Decade: 1940
Dimensions:100 x 62 cm (39 ½ x 24 ½ in)
Grade: B -
Printed in: Norway
Publisher:Norges Statsbaner (NSB) - Reisetrafikkforeningen for Oslo og omegn
Category: Ski / Sports

This is a very rare Norwegian travel poster promoting Oslo, Norway, as Winter Eldorado destination. The poster is from the 1940's and probably depicts the cabin "Skjennungstua" built in 1910 by The Norwegian Trekking Association (Den norske turistforening, DNT), a Norwegian association which maintains mountain trails and cabins in Norway.

It was specifically designed for young people who had not too good skiing skills. Also women had the opportunity to stay overnight..

Have seen this poster only one time. Here it is! It has been folded and has some dirt stains and wear. 

Cool and rare poster.

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