Meteor Norway Fjords

Meteor Norway Fjords original poster designed by Mason, Frank Henry (1876-1965)


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Designer: Mason, Frank Henry (1876-1965)
Country: Norway
Decade: 1920
Dimensions:101 x 64 cm | 39.76 x 25.2 inches
Condition: Very good/excellent | | A-/B+
Linen backed
Publisher:BDS Bergenske Dampskibsselskab
Category: Ocean Liner

This is an extremely rare original vintage poster depicting S/S Meteor inside one of the Norwegian fjords. S/S Meteor and M/S Stella Polaris were two of Norway's maritime diamonds sailing along Norway's coast and cruises abroad during the golden age.

Meteor was ordered by Hamburg-America Line (HAPAG). Maiden voyage Hamburg to Norway 3 June 1904. In 1922 Meteor came under the ownership of Det Bergenske, Norway.

You can find this poster with printed text as well. This poster is before any text has been printed.

Example of printed text:
“Norway's Fjords
Also Capitals of the North.
June to September
B&N Line, Royal Mail Ltd.”

Mounted on linen. In very good condition. A small hole repaired.

This is an Original Vintage Poster. It is not a reproduction.