Liverpool & North Wales - La Marguerite

Liverpool & North Wales - La Marguerite  original poster designed by Brown, Samuel John Milton (1873-1965)


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Designer: Brown, Samuel John Milton (1873-1965)
Decade: 1900
Dimensions:101,5 x 63,5 cm (25 x 40 in.)
Grade: A-/B+
Printed in: UK
Publisher:Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Company
Category: Ocean Liner

La Marguerite was a paddle steamer built in 1894 by Fairfield at Govan, Glasgow.
Engines : Compound diagonal
Considerably larger than any previous vessel on the Thames service, La Marguerite was mostly used on the France / Belgium run.

La Marguerite became an extremely popular vessel, but was expensive to run and never consistently profitable.
Withdrawn after the 1903 season and transfered to the Fairfield-owned Liverpool & North Wales Steamship Co
Served Llandudno and the Menai Bridge from Liverpool, remaining on station until 1925.

The poster is mounted on linen.

This is an Original Vintage Poster; not a reproduction.
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