Customer's Vintage Posters Gallery

On this page we post some of our customer photos of their vintage posters. Love it!

A wonderful display of a great poster by Wedel.
Ski posters on the wall in a hotel in Norway.
Lovely fish posters in great fish restaurant.
Train Pullman by Cassandre in a private home.
Stunning poster in a harbor restaurant.
Swedish original posters in a private home.
Vintage posters in the house of a Denmark lover.
Scheveningen in an Art Deco poster design.
Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron in a kitchen & dining room.
Stylish design in a home of an Art Deco lover.
Ski posters always finds a good home.
In the living room of a Royal Mail collector.
A first price in 1917 poster contest. Avant garde design by Per Krohg
Master designer Anders Beckman for AB Aerotransport.
A ski poster found its wall in Åre ski resort.
Art deco design used as tourism promotion.