Assisi - Italy

Assisi - Italy original poster designed by Grassi, Vittorio (1878-1958)


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Designer: Grassi, Vittorio (1878-1958)
Decade: 1920
Dimensions:98 x 67,5 cm (39 x 27in.)
Grade: B +
Printed in: Italy
Printed by:Grafia, Roma 1926
Category: Travel

This is a rare 1920's taver poster from Italy showing Assisi and the countryside as if from a window in a tower.

Working at Banca d'Italia, Vittorio Grassi developed an interest in printing methods and nurtured his passion for painting, in particular landscapes. He later co-founded the Architecture Department at the University of Rome. Grassi created drawings and illustration for prestigious architectural publications, as well as designing furniture, glasswork and ceramics.