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Framing your posters

A Guide to Framing Original Vintage Posters

12.01.2024 | comments | Tags: Collecting , Interior ,

Introduction: Framing original vintage posters is a meticulous art that involves not just showcasing the artwork but also preserving its historical... Read More

The Swedish Ski Poster - still affordable

The Swedish Ski Poster - An Affordable Vintage Gem

06.10.2023 | comments | Tags: Ski posters ,

While vintage ski posters from various corners of the world have surged in price, Swedish ski posters remain a relatively budget-friendly option. S... Read More

by Otto Nilesen

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) posters by Otto Nielsen

22.02.2023 | comments | Tags: Airlines , Designer ,

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) has a rich history dating back to 1946, when it was founded as a partnership between three Scandinavian countrie... Read More

Ocean Liners

Vintage Ocean Liner Posters: A Glimpse into the Golden Age of Luxurious Travel

The golden age of ocean travel The golden age of ocean travel was a time when traveling by ship was not only a means of transportation, but also a ... Read More

Ib Antoni - Otto Nielsen

Two great books about two important Danish poster designers

Two great books about the two Danish great poster designers Ib Antoni and Otto Nielsen has been published over the last years bringing back deserve... Read More


Wonderful Copenhagen - The poster

Do you see the difference? The poster: Wonderful Copenhagen The poster is an iconic rendering by Vagnby depicting a police constable helping a d... Read More

The posters of Lillehammer 1994 Winter Olympic Games

The posters of Lillehammer 1994 Winter Olympic Games

28.04.2022 | comments | Tags:

The 1994 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XVII Olympic Winter Games and commonly known as Lillehammer '94, was an international winter mult... Read More


VI Olympic Winter Games 1952 Oslo Norway - The posters

29.11.2021 | comments | Tags: Research ,

Did you know that the 1952 VI Olympic Winter Games in Oslo had 3 different official posters? They issued 3 different motives but if you look closel... Read More


Who was A. W. Baylis? He designed so many beautiful Africa travel posters!

14.11.2021 | comments | Tags: Designer , Research ,

I have always had an interest in travel posters from Africa. This probably comes from my childhood travels to East Africa in mid-1960’s living in M... Read More

PosterTeam original vintage posters

We have updated our Poster Alerts

We have updated our Poster Alerts emails to give you a better user experience.If you like to continue to receive poster alertsyou need to edit your... Read More


Photos from customers. Love them!

12.05.2020 | comments | Tags: Collecting , Interior ,

We have added a page with posters in their new habitat. Just love to see how customers decorate their walls with vintage poster. They get good new ... Read More


Spring Has Sprung

22.03.2018 | comments | Tags: Interior ,

Spring Has Sprung! Find some posters to celebrate. Where do you want to go? Spain, Italy or maybe Norway? Have a look at the samples underneath :-) Read More

IMG_2750 (1094 x 657)

Vintage posters used in restaurant and hotel decor

13.03.2018 | comments | Tags: Interior ,

Just love to see original vintage posters where they belong, on the wall! Here you find some snaps taken at different restaurants and hotels the la... Read More


Poster alerts!

16.09.2016 | comments | Tags: Research ,

Be the first to know when we add new posters. Remember our Poster alerts! Yesterday a poster sold after just 9 minutes on the website! Poster alert... Read More

Sammegutten - Norsk turistplakat

Samegutten - Norges mest berømte plakat?

Etter suksessen med "Skisportens vugge" og OL-plakaten i 1952, laget Knut Yran en rekke andre plakater for norsk reiseliv. Yran var en allsidig bok... Read More


We are on Pinterest of course :-)

20.06.2016 | comments | Tags: Posterteam ,

We list most of the new posters on Pinterest.   Remember our poster alerts! Get the news first! :-) Happy hunting for... Read More


Research your vintage posters!

The more you know about the poster the better history you have to tell and at the same time, you get more listeners. People like to hear about prov... Read More


Vintage Cars and Vintage Posters

01.03.2016 | comments | Tags: Collecting , Prices ,

It is a great interest for Vintage Cars and some of the cars can be extremely expensive! Many car collectors have their cars displayed in beautiful... Read More

Birgitta-Lindman-SAS-LIFE-cover (1000 x 536)

When air travel was glamorous

Come fly with me! Although flying today is cheaper, safer, and faster than it has ever been, it's becoming an increasingly unpleasant experience as... Read More


Come to Sweden - Book about Swedish travel posters

15.01.2016 | comments | Tags: Book ,

A new book about vintage Swedish travel posters was released in 2015. Maybe it is something for your library? Or maybe displayed on your coffee tab... Read More

bank-of-england-travel-posters (959 x 355)

Travel posters in the vault of Bank of England?

05.01.2016 | comments | Tags: Curiosity ,

In the Bank of England vault under London you find stacks of gold bars worth £156 MILLION. But not only gold bars! What's on the walls? All the gol... Read More


Stein Eriksen, Legendary Norwegian skier, passes away - RIP

28.12.2015 | comments | Tags: History , In the media ,

Stein Eriksen, Norwegian ski legend, passed away 27th December 2015 at age 88. Stein Eriksen emerged on the national scene in 1947, aged 19, when h... Read More


Travel posters at auction

19.11.2015 | comments | Tags: Auction , Prices ,

Many good posters were sold at Swann Galleries the 19th November. The auction 'Rare and Important Travel Posters' had a lot of good items. Many pos... Read More


Winter is coming! Time for some Vintage Ski Posters?

Ski posters are among the favorites of many ski enthusiasts, art collectors and interior designers. You find a lot of vintage ski posters in luxuri... Read More

Our first blog post! - New website!

23.10.2015 | comments | Tags: News , Posterteam ,

The new website is finally up and running! Hope you all like it. Not all the new features are implemented yet, so you'll see some changes in the ne... Read More