Vintage Cars and Vintage Posters

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It is a great interest for Vintage Cars and some of the cars can be extremely expensive! Many car collectors have their cars displayed in beautiful garages. What do they put on the garage walls?

I have seen photos from several collectors’ garages and I must say that I am sometimes are a bit disappointed. Some of the collectors have blown up reproductions of vintage automobile posters on the wall. They should have the real stuff on the wall as well as in the garage.. This is not always the case but disappointing never the less. Start collecting the real deal!

Well, this is not the case for all vintage car collectors as many car collectors even collect vintage car posters. Like:-)

Some automobile posters can fetch high prices at auctions. Among the most expensive car posters you will find, are posters from the early days of motor racing, where the Monaco Grand Prix posters are on the top list. Geo Ham made some stunning racing posters back in the 1930's. Some of them you have to pay several $10.000's for, it you want to own one.

You can also find great automobile posters at other prices. We have some car posters in stock from time to time, often in other price levels.

Underneath you can see some of our vintage cars posters: