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Framing your posters

A Guide to Framing Original Vintage Posters

12.01.2024 | comments | Tags: Collecting , Interior ,

Introduction: Framing original vintage posters is a meticulous art that involves not just showcasing the artwork but also preserving its historical... Read More

Ocean Liners

Vintage Ocean Liner Posters: A Glimpse into the Golden Age of Luxurious Travel

The golden age of ocean travel The golden age of ocean travel was a time when traveling by ship was not only a means of transportation, but also a ... Read More


Photos from customers. Love them!

12.05.2020 | comments | Tags: Collecting , Interior ,

We have added a page with posters in their new habitat. Just love to see how customers decorate their walls with vintage poster. They get good new ... Read More


Research your vintage posters!

The more you know about the poster the better history you have to tell and at the same time, you get more listeners. People like to hear about prov... Read More


Vintage Cars and Vintage Posters

01.03.2016 | comments | Tags: Collecting , Prices ,

It is a great interest for Vintage Cars and some of the cars can be extremely expensive! Many car collectors have their cars displayed in beautiful... Read More


Winter is coming! Time for some Vintage Ski Posters?

Ski posters are among the favorites of many ski enthusiasts, art collectors and interior designers. You find a lot of vintage ski posters in luxuri... Read More