Winter is coming! Time for some Vintage Ski Posters?



Ski posters are among the favorites of many ski enthusiasts, art collectors and interior designers. You find a lot of vintage ski posters in luxurious ski cabins or ski chalets in different ski resorts around the world.

Why are the ski posters so popular?

Original posters are rare. The posters were made to hang as advertisements for a short period, and when taken down they were normally destroyed. As a result, only a very limited number of early posters have survived. Some of these posters are still around today because they were never hung, or someone took care of them when taken down. Sometimes they were kept simply because people fell in love with the design or the message.

The posters were designed to hit the eye with a clear message and often this message still communicates with us. Ski posters often ooze fun, sporting challenge and ski glamour from the golden age of travel.

Ski posters are loved by many skiing enthusiasts and makes it ideal for interior decorating. The designs are often spectacular and they fit perfectly on the wall in any ski cabin. Luxurious cabins or not. Designs which capture the slopes of times gone by in all their graphic splendour. Mountains, snow, sun and a skier in the slopes is never wrong.

Design is a key factor when it comes to value, but also condition of the poster, poster designer and off course the destination. Posters from popular ski resorts are always sought after.

Record prices for vintage ski posters

Christie’s has led the way in the market of Vintage Posters at auction, holding the first ever sale dedicated to the category in 1982. The annual Ski Sale at Christie’s in South Kensington, that has been held since 1998, has proved that there’s money not only on the slopes, but also in investing in the timeless advertising posters of the past.

At Christie’s "The Ski Sale" you find ski posters from £1000 and upwards.

Ski posters from Switzerland, France, Italy or Norway are all much sought after and therefore fetch high prices, but you still can make some good investments.

Sweden is an undiscovered market and you can still find ski posters at reasonable prices.