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Framing your posters

A Guide to Framing Original Vintage Posters

12.01.2024 | comments | Tags: Collecting , Interior ,

Introduction: Framing original vintage posters is a meticulous art that involves not just showcasing the artwork but also preserving its historical... Read More


Photos from customers. Love them!

12.05.2020 | comments | Tags: Collecting , Interior ,

We have added a page with posters in their new habitat. Just love to see how customers decorate their walls with vintage poster. They get good new ... Read More


Spring Has Sprung

22.03.2018 | comments | Tags: Interior ,

Spring Has Sprung! Find some posters to celebrate. Where do you want to go? Spain, Italy or maybe Norway? Have a look at the samples underneath :-) Read More

IMG_2750 (1094 x 657)

Vintage posters used in restaurant and hotel decor

13.03.2018 | comments | Tags: Interior ,

Just love to see original vintage posters where they belong, on the wall! Here you find some snaps taken at different restaurants and hotels the la... Read More