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Research your vintage posters!

The more you know about the poster the better history you have to tell and at the same time, you get more listeners. People like to hear about prov... Read More

Birgitta-Lindman-SAS-LIFE-cover (1000 x 536)

When air travel was glamorous

Come fly with me! Although flying today is cheaper, safer, and faster than it has ever been, it's becoming an increasingly unpleasant experience as... Read More

bank-of-england-travel-posters (959 x 355)

Travel posters in the vault of Bank of England?

05.01.2016 | comments | Tags: Curiosity ,

In the Bank of England vault under London you find stacks of gold bars worth £156 MILLION. But not only gold bars! What's on the walls? All the gol... Read More