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Wonderful Copenhagen - The poster

Do you see the difference? The poster: Wonderful Copenhagen The poster is an iconic rendering by Vagnby depicting a police constable helping a d... Read More


Who was A. W. Baylis? He designed so many beautiful Africa travel posters!

14.11.2021 | comments | Tags: Designer , Research ,

I have always had an interest in travel posters from Africa. This probably comes from my childhood travels to East Africa in mid-1960’s living in M... Read More

Sammegutten - Norsk turistplakat

Samegutten - Norges mest berømte plakat?

Etter suksessen med "Skisportens vugge" og OL-plakaten i 1952, laget Knut Yran en rekke andre plakater for norsk reiseliv. Yran var en allsidig bok... Read More