The Swedish Ski Poster - still affordable

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The Swedish Ski Poster - still affordable


The prices of vintage ski posters from around the world have reached new heights, but the cost of Swedish ski posters remains relatively affordable. Some of them can still be purchased for under $1000, whereas Swiss ski posters are at the higher end of the spectrum, with one selling for over $100,000 earlier this year.

Skiing has been a popular winter activity in Sweden for many years, and this is evident in the abundance of Swedish ski posters available. These posters promote both cross-country and alpine skiing.

The introduction of alpine skiing to Sweden occurred in the early 1930s when Sigge Bergman and Olle Rimfors were introduced to it during the winter of 1934. They were trained by Hannes Schneider in Sankt Anton, and afterward, Bergman and Rimfors became the fastest and most stylish skiers in the Swedish mountains. Style is just as important as speed, if not more so. If you can read Swedish, take a look at this excellent book about the pioneers of alpine skiing in Sweden:

Destinations and brands

Vintage ski posters from Sweden are not only affordable but also offer a glimpse into the country's rich skiing history. Swedish ski posters promote destinations like Storlien, Åre, Riksfjällen, Saltsjöbaden, and even the country itself as a winter destination. Additionally, several posters showcase ski equipment from local manufacturers.

Who designed the Swedish ski posters?

The poster designs come from a diverse group of artists, including Anders Beckman, Erik Heffer, Gunnar Dahlin, and Bertil Damm. The Swedish ski posters collection also features posters promoting ski championships such as the 1954 World Championships and the SM Swedish championship.

VM Åre SM 1957 Malung Skidor SM Skidor Filipstad 1953 SM Slalom 1943 Sverige Sweden Åre


Time to invest in some joy?

Owning an original ski poster is not just an investment opportunity, but it also allows one to cherish a special memory from a past ski trip. Ski posters can be found in hotels, private ski chalets, and homes of avid skiers. While destination posters tend to be more expensive, some Swedish ski posters are still affordable and can be purchased for under $1000.

Investing in a vintage ski poster is a great way to relive the joy of après-ski in the comfort of your own home or ski cabin. Every time you look at the poster hanging on your wall, you can reminisce about past skiing adventures and feel the excitement of the slopes.