Ypres (Leper) - Belgium

Sold Ypres (Leper) - Belgium original poster designed by Verbaere, Herman (1905-1993)


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Designer: Verbaere, Herman (1905-1993)
Decade: 1940
Dimensions:100 x 62 cm (39 ½ x 24 ½ in)
Condition: Mint | | A
Country: Benelux
Publisher:SNCB - Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Belges
Printed by:Imprimerie Gouweloos Fr. & Sr. S.A., Bruxelles

Very nice poster designed by Herman Verbaere, a well know painter. Designed around 1950 in commission of the National Society of Railways. The probably depicts the St Martin's Cathedral.

The poster promotes Ypres, a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish province of West Flanders. During the First World War, Ypres was the centre of Battles of Ypres between German and Allied forces. During the war it was nicknamed "Wipers", as its name was difficult for English-speaking British Imperial forces troops to pronounce.

This is an Original Vintage Poster. It is not a reproduction.
The poster has been sold. Let us know if you want us to look for it.
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