Air France - Amérique du Nord 1946

Sold Air France - Amérique du Nord 1946 original poster designed by Arnoux, Guy (1890-1951)


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Designer: Arnoux, Guy (1890-1951)
Decade: 1940
Dimensions:98,5 x 61,5 cm
Grade: A
Printed in: Reserved
Publisher:Air France
Printed by:Hubert Baille & Cie, Paris.
Category: Airline/Aviation

A stunning original vintage poster designed by Arnoux for Air France to promote flights to USA in the early post WWII period. The poster depicts the New York City skyline above the skies and map outline of the American continent. You also see a stylistic rendering of the American stars and stripes.

A rare poster in excellent condition.

This is an Original Vintage Poster; not a reproduction.
This poster has been sold. Let us know if you want us to look for it.
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