Winter in Norway

Sold Winter in Norway original poster designed by Bloch, Andreas (1860-1917)


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Designer: Bloch, Andreas (1860-1917)
Country: Catalogue 2021
Decade: 1900
Dimensions:99 x 71 cm | 38.98 x 27.95 inches
Condition: Very good | | B +
Publisher:Norsk Vinterturistforening
Printed by:Peterson & Waitz, Lith, Anst, Christania
Category: Ski / Sports

A very are original vintage poster published by Norsk Vinterturistforening founded in 1899.

According to the National Library in Norway this poster is pre-1907.

Just love the text on this poster:

Norway in winter! -  “The sanatorium of Europe”
The Country for the Sportsman, the Tourist, the Seeker after health, and the Invalid. Agreeable Temperature. Invigorating Air. Comfortable accommodation.

Snow-Shoeing (Ski-ing)
This National sport of Norway, indulged in both by ladies and gentlemen, is the most interesting and invigorating winter sport imaginable.

The Norwegian Winter Tourist Club
A private club formed for opening up Norway as a tourist country in Winter for those who wish to enjoy health, sport, and unrivalled scenery

The poster is backed on linen

This is an Original Vintage Poster. It is not a reproduction.

The poster is on hold by a customer.

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