First-class spa Lipik Croatia (Slavonia)

First-class spa Lipik Croatia (Slavonia) original poster designed by Farago, Geza (1877-1928)
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "First-class spa Lipik Croatia (Slavonia)" designed by Farago, Geza (1877-1928).
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Designer: Farago, Geza (1877-1928)
Country: Other
Decade: 1900
Dimensions:94 x 83 cm | 37.01 x 32.68 inches
Condition: Very good | | B +
Publisher:State Railways of the Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.
Printed by:Chromolithografia Seidner Budapest.
Category: Travel

This is a delightful and exceptionally rare original vintage travel poster dating back to 1908. It was crafted by the Hungarian artist Geza Farago, who had the privilege of working in Alfonz Mucha's workshop for two years. The poster's purpose is to promote the Lipik spa in Slavonia, Croatia, and it was commissioned by the State Railways of the Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia.

The poster presents a charming scene beneath the leaves of a chestnut tree. In the spotlight is a red-haired lady adorned with a large gray cap, adorned with yellow flowers, a white belt, and a yellow dress. She delicately sips medicinal water from a petite glass cup. Draped on her left arm is a scarf, showcasing a red floral pattern on a pristine white background. In her left hand, she holds a brown stick with yellow stripes, with the spa setting gracing the background.

At the top, you'll find prominent black and yellow lettering that reads: "PREMIUM MEDICINAL BATH LIPIK (SLAVONIA) ALKALINE IODINE THERMAL WATER 64C." Below this, in black letters, it declares the ailments it can certainly cure, including digestive disorders, gout, bone breaks, children's diseases, and occasional health issues.

On the right side of the poster, there's an inset map and relevant text.

This poster is in very good condition, printed on sturdy, thick paper, and stands as a true collector's piece.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
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