Storm över Jamaica (Passionate Summer)

Sold Storm över Jamaica (Passionate Summer) original poster
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "Storm över Jamaica (Passionate Summer)" designed by an anonymous artist.
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Country: Sweden
Decade: 1950
Dimensions:100 x 70 cm | 39.37 x 27.56 inches
Condition: Good | | B
Publisher:Rank Film
Printed by:Bok-Lito AB, Borås.
Category: Film/Entertainment

Presenting an original vintage movie poster promoting the Swedish screening of the film "Storm över Jamaica" (Passionate Summer). The poster features a teaser text: "Spännande och romantisk film inspelad på soldränkta Jamaica!" (Exciting and romantic film shot in sun-drenched Jamaica!).

"Passionate Summer" is a 1958 British drama directed by Rudolph Cartier, starring Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers, and Yvonne Mitchell. It is also known by the alternative title "Storm Over Jamaica" and is based on the best-selling 1949 novel "The Shadow and the Peak" by Richard Mason.

The poster, indicative of its cinematic history, bears fold lines and shows signs of age wear. A captivating piece that provides a glimpse into the promotion of "Passionate Summer" for its Swedish audience.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
The poster has been sold. Let us know if you want us to look for it.
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