Summer in Switzerland

Summer in Switzerland original poster designed by Gerbig, Richard
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "Summer in Switzerland" designed by Gerbig, Richard.
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Designer: Gerbig, Richard
Country: Switzerland
Decade: 1950
Dimensions:51 x 64 cm | 20.08 x 25.2 inches
Condition: Very good/excellent | | A-/B+
Publisher:The Swiss National Tourist Office
Category: Travel

This original vintage Swiss travel poster enticingly advertises "Summer in Switzerland."

The captivating artwork depicts a picturesque summer scene—a winding road leading down to a serene lake, an alpine villa nestled amid majestic mountain peaks, vibrant flowers, a butterfly gracing the sky, a cascading waterfall, and a sailboat gracefully gliding on the lake. It beautifully captures the essence of summer joy in the Swiss Alps.

In very good condition, the poster has a bottom white margin that has been cut to fit the proportions. A timeless representation of Switzerland's summer allure, this poster stands as a testament to the country's natural beauty and the artistry of vintage travel promotion.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
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