Switzerland - Matterhorn Zermatt

Sold Switzerland - Matterhorn Zermatt original poster designed by Photo: A. G. Wehrli, Kilchberg
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "Switzerland - Matterhorn Zermatt" designed by Photo: A. G. Wehrli, Kilchberg.
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Designer: Photo: A. G. Wehrli, Kilchberg
Country: Switzerland
Decade: 1920
Dimensions:100 x 64 cm | 39.37 x 25.2 inches
Condition: Good | | B
Linen backed
Printed by:Impr. Rotogravure, Geneve
Category: Travel

This original vintage poster promotes Zermatt, Switzerland, featuring a photo of the Matterhorn or Le Cervin, as indicated in the French text, "LE CERVIN, vu de la ligne du GORNERGRAT." Zermatt is renowned as a mountaineering and ski resort in the Swiss Alps, with the Matterhorn being a symbol of its challenging alpine terrain.

Edward Whymper, a notable mountaineer, succeeded in conquering the Matterhorn on July 14, 1865, after eight attempts. However, the descent resulted in tragedy, with two climbers losing their lives. Whymper's conquest and the subsequent tragedy became integral parts of Matterhorn's history.

The poster, produced using the modern héliographie technique in the 1920s, is a unique and rare piece. The French text references the Matterhorn's view from the Gornergrat railway line, offering a captivating perspective of the iconic peak. The poster is in good condition, displaying some age wear and a repaired tear at the lower right margin. It is mounted on linen and ready to be framed, showcasing a piece of alpine history.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
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