La Norvege - Le pays de ski

Sold La Norvege - Le pays de ski original poster designed by Dagfin Th. Hanssen


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Designer: Dagfin Th. Hanssen
Decade: 1930
Dimensions:100 x 62 cm (39 ½ x 24 ¼ in.)
Grade: A -
Printed in: Reserved
Publisher:Éditée par les Chemins de fer de l'Etat Norvégien (NSB)
Printed by:Norsk Lithografisk Officin, Oslo
Category: Ski / Sports

This is one of the wonderful Norwegian ski posters from the 1930's. Designed by Dagfin Th. Hanssen who we know very little about. You don't find much about him, and this is the only poster I have seen with his signature.

The poster depicts a skier climbing a steep uphill in a classical Norwegian ski outfit of the time. Norwegian knitted stockings and plus-four trousers and wooden skis.

A must have for a serious Norwegian ski poster enthusiast. Mounted on linen.

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