Norsk Jagerfond

Sold Norsk Jagerfond poster designed by Hanno, Otto von (1891-1956)


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Designer: Hanno, Otto von (1891-1956)
Decade: 1940
Dimensions:50,5 x 36 cm
Grade: A
Printed in: Norway
Printed by:J. Olsens Lito, Stockholm
Category: Airline/Aviation
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An extremely rare poster designed by Otto von Hanno to collect founds for the Norsk Jagerfond (Norwegian Air Force) stationed in London during WWII. The poster is issued in Stockholm. Sweden and Stockholm is also where you can deliver your funds.

Hanno was a famous theater painter, but also worked as an illustrator and poster designer.

Text at bottom: Bidrag kan levers KGL. Norske Legasjon - Banerg. 7. Stockholm

The poster has never been used and is in excellent condition.

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