Lötschberg - Schweiz Switzerland Suisse

Sold Lötschberg - Schweiz Switzerland Suisse original poster designed by Bieber, Armin (1892-1970)


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Designer: Bieber, Armin (1892-1970)
Decade: 1930
Dimensions:101 x 63 cm (40 x 25 in.)
Grade: A -
Printed in: Switzerland
Printed by:Lith. Armbruster AG Bern
Category: Railroad

The poster depicts a great rendering of an alpine scene with peaking mountains, railroad tunnel and alp flowers in the front. The white flower is probably Edelweiss. 

A lovely poster designed by Armin Bieber.

Following construction of the Gotthard and Simplon lines, western and eastern Switzerland as well as the Bern region want their own Alpine railway. The twin-track 14.6 km long Lötschberg tunnel becomes operational in 1913. The direct rail link from Switzerland's western plateau, which connects Spiez and Brig at the northern end of the Simplon Tunnel cutting through the Alps from Switzerland to Italy.

A wonderful poster in excellent condition. Great colors.

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