Ste-Croix – Les Rasses Jura

Ste-Croix – Les Rasses Jura original poster designed by Jaques, François (1877-1937)


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Designer: Jaques, François (1877-1937)
Decade: 1910
Dimensions:102 x 64 cm | 40.16 x 25.2 inches
Grade: A -
Printed in: Switzerland
Publisher:SBB - Schweizerische Bundesbahnen
Printed by:Klausfelder S.A., Vevey
Category: Ski / Sports

A stunning original vintage Swiss ski poster by François Jaques. You don't find many better designs than this one.

Text: "Ste-Croix-Les Rasses 3800 feet high.

Jura Switzerland

Picturesque Railway Yverdon-Ste-Croix Open all year, except Sundays."

This poster has the except Sunday overprinted with black flowers.

The Yverdon–Ste-Croix railway opened in 1893, largely because of the influence of William Barbey from Valeyres-sous-Rances, who financed the building of the line. Due to the influence of the religious William Barbey, the line did not operate any trains on Sundays.

In 1918, after the death of William Barbey, the line began operations on Sundays. So, this poster was in use after 1918.

In excellent condition excepts for tiny pinholes in the corners. Fresh colors and glow. This the English text version.

This is an Original Vintage Poster; not a reproduction.