Spain Merida Badajoz travel poster

Spain Merida Badajoz travel poster original poster designed by Photo: Kindel


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Designer: Photo: Kindel
Decade: 1940
Dimensions:100.0 x 63.0 cm | 39.370078740000004 x 24.8031496062 inches
Grade: B
Printed in: Spain
Publisher: Publicaciones de la Direccion General del Turismo
Printed by:Imp. Moderna Barcelona
Category: Travel

A wonderful and typical Spanish travel poster from the 40's. The photo is of Merida Badajoz.

This archaeological site has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. One of its main sites is the Roman Theatre which each year becomes the city’s stage for the International Classical Theatre Festival.

According to The Cervantes Institute (Instituto Cervantes) Bellezas de España was a series of posters produced between 1944-49.

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