Grafiska Föreningen Svart och Hvitt

Grafiska Föreningen Svart och Hvitt original poster designed by Schwab


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Designer: Schwab
Decade: 1910
Dimensions:97 x 68.3 cm | 38.19 x 26.89 inches
Grade: A-/B+
Printed in: Sweden
Publisher:Grafiska Föreningen Svart och Hvitt
Printed by:Rokotryck AB Kopia - STHLM
Category: Film/Entertainment

This is an extremely rare Swedish poster promoting an exhibition for "Grafiska föreningen Svart och hvitt" (Graphic association Black and White) in 1915.

Graphic association Black and White was a newly formed association between young graphic artists in Stockholm


This is an Original Vintage Poster; not a reproduction.
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