Roquebrune - Cap Martin - Riviera - Côte d’Azur - France

Sold Roquebrune - Cap Martin - Riviera - Côte d’Azur - France original poster designed by Guy Cambier


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Designer: Guy Cambier
Decade: 1950
Dimensions:99 x 62 cm | 38.98 x 24.41 inches
Condition: Mint | | A
Country: France
Printed by:Imprimerie Nationale de Monaco
Category: Travel

A wonderful original vintage travel poster promoting Ruquebrune - Cap Martin in Provence close to Italy. The poster depicts a young smiling woman with sunglasses and a bouquet of flowers. In the background you see the blue ocean and a sailboat. Lovely colors.

Text: Ruquebrune - Cap Martin, Riviera - Côte d’Azur, France

In excellent condition.

This is an Original Vintage Poster. It is not a reproduction.
The poster has been sold. Let us know if you want us to look for it.
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