TWA Switzerland

Sold TWA Switzerland original poster
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "TWA Switzerland" designed by an anonymous artist.
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Country: Hold
Decade: 1950
Dimensions:99 x 61 cm | 38.98 x 24.02 inches
Condition: Very good | | B +
Linen backed
Publisher:TWA Trans World Airlines
Category: Airline/Aviation

This is an original vintage poster issued by TWA to promote flights to Switzerland and Alps.

The poster depicts a Lockheed Constellation flying over Lake Lucerne and the Alps, with a large ski pole adorned with Alpine flowers.

The wonderful aircraft Lockheed Constellation ("Connie") was a propeller-driven, four-engine airliner built by Lockheed Corporation starting in 1943.

Mounted on linen. Replaced losses and expert airbrushing in corners and at edges. Looks good!


This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.

The poster is on hold by a customer.

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