Greece Lindos Rodos Rhodos Rhodes 1970

Greece Lindos Rodos Rhodos Rhodes 1970 original poster designed by Photo: A Pachos
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "Greece Lindos Rodos Rhodos Rhodes 1970" designed by Photo: A Pachos.
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Designer: Photo: A Pachos
Country: Other
Decade: 1970
Dimensions:98 x 68 cm | 38.58 x 26.77 inches
Condition: Very good/excellent | | A-/B+
Publisher:The National Tourist Organisation Of Greece - Athens
Printed by:Contogonis Malicoutis
Category: Travel

This original vintage Greek travel poster from the 1970s exemplifies the shift towards mass tourism, featuring the picturesque Lindos village with its Acropolis and stunning bay, complete with paddleboats.

During the period of 1961 to 1990, mass tourism emerged as a global trend, impacting Greek tourism as well. The early 1970s saw a significant influx of tourists opting for Greece's islands and coastal regions, attracted by the "sun and sea" tourism model (Kostopoulou, 2014).

Lindos, located in Rhodes, remains one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island.

This poster is a well-preserved piece of memorabilia from the early days of modern tourism, offering a glimpse into the allure of Greece's stunning coastal landscapes and the emergence of mass tourism.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
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