Suède - Visby Ville des Ruines et des Roses

Suède - Visby Ville des Ruines et des Roses  original poster designed by Gull, Ivar
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "Suède - Visby Ville des Ruines et des Roses " designed by Gull, Ivar.
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Designer: Gull, Ivar
Country: Sweden
Decade: 1930
Dimensions:100 x 62 cm | 39.37 x 24.41 inches
Condition: Almost good | | B -
Linen backed
Printed by:Centraltryckeriet Stockholm
Category: Travel

Ivar Gull's beautiful original vintage travel poster showcases a local woman carrying her basket of vegetables inside the medieval city of Visby in Gotland, Sweden. Visby, also known as "The City of Roses" or "The City of Ruins", has a long and mysterious history. It is believed to have been a trading hub as early as 900 AD and was inhabited since the Stone Age, likely due to its fresh water source and natural harbor. Visby is widely considered the best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. Notable historical remains include the 3.4 km long town wall encircling the town center and several church ruins.

During the summer, Visby is a popular vacation destination for Scandinavians and attracts thousands of tourists every year, making it the most populous locality outside the Swedish mainland. The poster features French text reading: "Visby Ville des Ruines et des Roses - Suède".

Although the poster displays some patina, including wear, tears, paper loos, scratches, and foxing, it has been professionally mounted on linen with an acid-free barrier to ensure its preservation. The poster would look stunning when framed and hung on a wall. Ask for better photos if you like to see the faults.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
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