Med Gripsholm till Medelhavet 1928 Svenska Amerika Linien

Med Gripsholm till Medelhavet 1928 Svenska Amerika Linien original poster designed by Hoff
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "Med Gripsholm till Medelhavet 1928 Svenska Amerika Linien" designed by Hoff.
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Designer: Hoff
Country: Sweden
Decade: 1920
Dimensions:100 x 62.5 cm | 39.37 x 24.61 inches
Condition: Very good/excellent | | A-/B+
Publisher:Svenska Amerika Linien
Printed by:Wezäta
Category: Ocean Liner

This is a charming and exceptionally rare original vintage poster commissioned by "Svenska Amerika Linien" to promote the Mediterranean cruise aboard the M/S Gripsholm in 1928.

M/S Gripsholm was a passenger ship crafted by Armstrong, Whitworth & Co, Ltd in Newcastle, England. She was handed over to Svenska Amerika Linien in Gothenburg on 27 November 1925, marking the company's maiden voyage with a newbuild.

The poster features a delightful, almost whimsical illustration, portraying tourists guided on camels and mules as they explore the grandeur of the Giza pyramids.

During this cruise, passengers embarked on a captivating journey to enchanting destinations, including Cairo, Thebes, Tangier, Gibraltar, Majorca, Monte Carlo, Naples, Athens, Seville, and Pompeii.

In very good condition, this poster is indeed a rare gem for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
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