New York - The Wonder City Of The World - New York Central Lines

Designer: Treidler, Adolph (1886-1981)
Country: USA
Decade: 1920
Dimensions:103.5 x 68.5 cm | 40.75 x 26.97 inches
Condition: Very good | | B +
Linen backed
Publisher:New York Central Lines
Printed by:Latham Litho & Ptg. Co., Long Island City.
Category: Railroad

This is an exceedingly rare original vintage poster, commissioned by New York Central Lines in 1927, and brought to life through the artistic talents of Adolph Treidler.

The poster offers a captivating night-time scene, capturing the essence of Manhattan's southern tip. In the foreground stands the illuminated Statue of Liberty, surrounded by the vibrancy of city life. Skyscrapers reach for the stars, ferries and tugboats navigate the waters, and a spotlight adds to the dramatic ambiance.

Adolph Treidler, with his distinguished career in poster design spanning from the First World War to the 1960s, is credited with creating this exceptional piece of art. It is considered one of his finest works.

You can also find this poster featured in "Posters & Publicity" from 1927, on page 18.

In terms of condition, the poster is generally well-preserved, with repaired tears at the top and bottom. These repairs do not impact the image. It has been professionally mounted on linen with an acid-free barrier for long-term preservation. Ask for better photos.


This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.

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