Förrädaren - Betrayal (1929)

Förrädaren - Betrayal (1929) original poster designed by Rohman, Eric (1891-1949)
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "Förrädaren - Betrayal (1929)" designed by Rohman, Eric (1891-1949).
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Designer: Rohman, Eric (1891-1949)
Country: Sweden
Decade: 1920
Dimensions:100 x 70 cm | 39.37 x 27.56 inches
Condition: Poor | | C
Publisher:Paramount Pictures
Printed by:Nya Litografen - Malmö
Category: Film/Entertainment

This vintage silent movie poster, designed by Eric Rohman, originally advertised the 1929 Swedish screening of the American film "Betrayal," titled "Förrädaren" in Swedish. "Betrayal" is a compelling 1929 American sound drama produced by Famous Players–Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Although lacking audible dialogue, the film features a synchronized musical score with sound effects, utilizing both sound-on-disc and sound-on-film techniques.

Directed by Lewis Milestone, the film stars Emil Jannings as Poldi Moser, Esther Ralston as Vroni, and Gary Cooper as Andre. Frey.

Despite its poor condition, characterized by tears, dirt, water stains, tape marks, and fragile paper, this poster remains a valuable relic of early cinema history. When framed, it offers a captivating glimpse into the cinematic past.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
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