1940s East African Map

1940s East African Map original poster designed by Vernon, Leo
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "1940s East African Map" designed by Vernon, Leo.
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Designer: Vernon, Leo
Country: Africa
Decade: 1940
Dimensions:83 x 62 cm | 32.68 x 24.41 inches
Condition: Excellent | | A -
Publisher:The British Information Service
Category: Travel

This original vintage poster, distributed in the 1940s by The British Information Service in Rockefeller Plaza, New York, showcases the rapid development of natural resources in the East African region.

The poster features a colorful and intricate map of East Africa, highlighting countries such as Uganda, Kenya, and Tanganyika, bordered by Southern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Mozambique, Sudan, and Somalia. Along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is prominently displayed. The map also includes details of natural resources and produce, airline routes, and significant African lakes such as Victoria, Tanganyika, and Nyasa, all rendered in striking yellow, orange, and brown hues.

In excellent condition, this poster is sure to make a stunning addition to any wall, offering a fascinating glimpse into the geographical and resource-rich landscape of East Africa during the mid-20th century.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
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