Svenska Simfrämjandet

Designer: Håkansson, Gunnar (1891-1968)
Country: Sweden
Decade: 1930
Dimensions:100 x 70 cm ( 39 ½ x 27 ½ in.)
Condition: Good | | B
Publisher:Svenska Simfrämjandet
Printed by:J. Olsén Litogr. Anst., STHLM
Category: Product / Other
Ski / Sports

A great poster by Gunnar Håkansson depicting a female swimmer promoting a lottery to fund swimming awareness. Håkansson was a commercial artist and studio boss and known for many great posters. He is perhaps best known for Gröna Lund posters that gave him a lot of attention. This poster has bright and vivid colors and is probably one of the few still alive.

This is an Original Vintage Poster. It is not a reproduction.

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