Göta Canal

Göta Canal original poster designed by Olsén, Hans Erik (1911-1983)
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "Göta Canal" designed by Olsén, Hans Erik (1911-1983).
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Designer: Olsén, Hans Erik (1911-1983)
Country: Sweden
Decade: 1930
Dimensions:100 x 62 cm | 39.37 x 24.41 inches
Condition: Excellent | | A -
Publisher:Rederiaktiebolaget Göta Kanal
Printed by:Esselte Kartonnage i Göteborg
Category: Ocean Liner

This is a stunning original art deco style poster designed by Hans Erik Olsén to promote journeys on the Göta Canal.

The Göta Canal is one of the biggest construction projects ever completed in Sweden. The canal is 190 km long and 87 km was dug by hand. There is a total of 58 locks. The Göta Canal stretches from Sjötorp by Lake Vänern to Mem by the Baltic Sea.

The rendering probably depicts Rederiaktiebolaget Göta Kanal's Grand old Lady “M/S Juno”, the world’s oldest registered cruising ship. A cruise on the Göta Canal is a popular tourist attraction sailing along the Swedish cultural landscape with farms, animals and fields as well as castles and manors.

Wonderful! This poster would stand out on the wall.

The same image was used as the front cover of a Travel brochure "Göta Canal - Sweden," 1936.

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.
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