Jorden Runt Under Svensk Flagg

Jorden Runt Under Svensk Flagg poster designed by Meurling, Carl (1879-1929)


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Designer: Meurling, Carl (1879-1929)
Decade: 1920
Dimensions:62,5 x 99,5 cm
Grade: A -
Printed in: Sweden
Publisher:Rederiaktiebolaget Transatlantic
Printed by:Isacsons Lito
Category: Ocean Liner

In 1904 Wilhelm R. Lundgren formed the shipping company Rederiaktiebolaget Transatlantic and created the conditions for the Swedish American Line and the Swedish South line and 1907 Swedish Australlinjen. Wilhelm R. Lundgren was also a politician and a member of the Swedish parliament.
The poster is mounted on linen.

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