ILIS FLYG 1934 - International Aviation Exhibition in Stockholm

Sold ILIS FLYG 1934 - International Aviation Exhibition in Stockholm original poster designed by Werkmäster, Jerk (1896-1978)


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Designer: Werkmäster, Jerk (1896-1978)
Decade: 1930
Dimensions:89 x 59 cm
Condition: Good | | B
Country: Sweden
Publisher:ILIS - Internationella Luftfartsutställningen i Stockholm
Printed by:J. Olséns Litogr Anst, Sthlm
Category: Airline/Aviation
Product / Other

ILIS FLYG Internationella Luftfartsutställningen i Stockholm (International Aviation Exhibition in Stockholm) - 1934, 28 September-6 October.

This is a great and very rare poster by Werkmäster. Not a typical Werkmäster design you could say. The poster promotes the ILIS 1934 with a rendering of the Macchi M.C. 72 witch was the fastest airplane at that time making 700 km/h.

The Macchi M.C. 72 was an experimental seaplane designed and built by the Italian aircraft company Macchi Aeronautica. The M.C. 72 held the world speed record for all aircraft for five years. In 1933 and 1934, it set a world speed record for internal combustion-powered seaplanes which still stands.

The exhibition was held in Ostermans marmorhallar, a car sales and showroom in Stockholm. ILIS also exhibited the Autogiro by Rolf von Bahr.

A very rare poster! It's in almost mint condition a except for a missing upper right corner and therefore graded B, but still in excellent condition.

This is an Original Vintage Poster. It is not a reproduction.
The poster has been sold. Let us know if you want us to look for it.
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