Ellerman's Wilson Line Hull to Norway and Sweden

Ellerman's Wilson Line Hull to Norway and Sweden original poster designed by Grüttefien-Kiekebusch, Elisabeth (1871-1954)
This is a genuine vintage poster titled "Ellerman's Wilson Line Hull to Norway and Sweden" designed by Grüttefien-Kiekebusch, Elisabeth (1871-1954).
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Designer: Grüttefien-Kiekebusch, Elisabeth (1871-1954)
Country: UK
Decade: 1930
Dimensions:96 x 125 cm | 37.8 x 49.21 inches
Condition: Very good | | B +
Linen backed
Printed by:Thos. Foreman & Sons Nottingham
Category: Ocean Liner

This remarkable vintage travel poster, originally released by Ellermans Wilson Line, showcases the beauty of their cruises to Norway and Sweden. The poster features a color lithograph of Elisabeth Grüttefien's original oil painting, "Hjørundfjord." Hjørundfjorden, situated in Sunnmøre, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway, is captured in exquisite detail.

Elisabeth Grüttefien, a student of the renowned Norwegian painter Eilert Adelsteen Normann, later married Berlin landscape painter Friedrich Hermann Kikebusch in 1903. Their shared studio in Berlin-Schlachtensee produced predominantly Norwegian and Alpine-themed paintings.

Professionally restored to address two significant tears and creasing, the poster has been expertly mounted on linen for preservation. Its captivating imagery makes it an ideal centerpiece, sparking conversations when displayed on your wall!

This is an Authentic Original Vintage Poster from its time. It's not a new reproduction.

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